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This is the second page of incometax return submission. Here you will be told how to submit your incometax online by yourself without the help of anyone.

Follow the easy steps and submit your Income Tax Return yourself;

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Procedure for Income Tax Return

After submitting Statement of Assets / Liabilities click on the cross (top right) to close this window. Now you will see the interface you had seen after login. Go to Declaration tab (2nd from top left) and select 114(1) (Return of Income filed voluntarily for complete year). The new window shall open. Now follow the following procedure.

Go to “Employment —> Salary” and put the figure of your yearly salary in “Income from salary”. Then click “Calculate” at top right corner.
Note: After every entry you must click on “calculate” so that your entry must be calculated.


Go to “Tax chargeable/payments —> Computations” and see what is the figure against “Tax chargeable”. Whatever that is you must calculate its rebate. The rebate of full-time teachers is 40%. You can know this easily by calculating the percentage of your yearly tax deducted figure from total tax figure shown by FBR once you have clicked on Calculate button after putting you yearly salary.

Go to “Tax chargeable/payments —> Tax Reductions” and put the figure of rebate in “Tax Reduction for Full time Teachers/Researchers” and click on “Calculate” button.

Go to “Tax chargeable/payments —> Adjustable Tax” and put the figure of your final tax (Rebate minus) in the column of “Tax Collected / Deducted / Paid” against “Salary of Employees u/s 149” and click the “Calculate” button.

Now go to “Tax chargeable/payments —> Computations” and see your “Tax Payable” must be zero (0). If it is zero click on “Save” (top left).

Now save the whole thing by clicking on save button. After saving click of “Verification” and then submit. When you will click on Verification it shall ask for pin code you have received on your phone and email while first registration.
Note: Remember once you have verified your form it cannot be edited. So be extra careful while filling in. Once submitted get the print copy for your record.


Now you see the method of income tax return submission is not that hard that one should need any expert to do it, as it is the general practice in many departments and businessmen that they hire someone for this. It is very important that you should submit income tax return yourself every year because the care and caution you can observe in your financial matters no one else can do.


Besides the submission of tax return you must be careful about the following matters.


If you are new try to register yourself through your own email and phone number. In case you don’t have your email then go and make it first. Many times people get registered through the email of someone else. In this case they cannot receive important notifications from FBR nor can they recover their password or pin code in case they have lost. So NEVER depend on others, take things in your own hand.

Remember, you must show some saving at least to have a reason for your assets’ purchase.

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