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Here in this page we shall tell you the easy method to submit your incometax return. Once you go through these two pages you will be able to submit the return yourself.

Follow the easy steps and submit your Income Tax Return yourself

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Now you can submit your income tax return in your house PC by yourself without the help of anyone. Just do follow the given procedure.


Go to

Note: Remember, if the link doesn’t open then try to open it in other browsers like; Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox etc.


Login by giving registration and password (registration is your CNIC). The password and pin code were provided to you when you have first registered yourself on FBR website. These particulars are sent both on your email and phone. If you forgot the password check your email.



For the link of declaration you must go to Declaration (top left, 2nd tab) and select the first option “114(1) (Return of Income filed voluntarily for complete year)”. People who are not salaried personnels must select their relevant option. Besides you must also open “116(3) (Statement of Assets / Liabilities filed after revision)” in another window. Your return shall not be submitted unless you have submitted your Statement of Assets / Liabilities, so do it first and then proceed for Income Tax Return submission.

Step 1: Procedure for Statement of Assets / Liabilities

Note: Remember you can make entries only in white boxes. And while doing so you must have the following things with you;

Bank statement of the fiscal year

Electricity and gas bills of the last month of fiscal year

A copy of last year income tax return and assets and expenses

Phone bills and mobile(s) expense statement(s) for the recent fiscal year

Once you have these things now follow the following procedure.


Get logged in. The link is proved at the beginning of this page

Go to Declaration (top menu 2nd tab from left).

Select 116(3) (Statement of Assets / Liabilities filed after revision)

Go to Personal expenses (left menu) and enter all your yearly expenses and then click on Calculate button (top right). If it doesn’t calculate the total figure click on it twice.

Then go to Personal assets / Liabilities and enter your assets and liabilities and click once or twice on Calculate button.

Go to Reconciliation of Net Assets and make entries in the relevant boxes and click once or twice on Calculate button.

Now you are done. Click on Save button and then Verification button. You shall be asked for pin code. Give your pin code and click on Submit.

Note: After verification you cannot edit your entries so you must be very careful while filling in.

Get the print copy for your record. The link of print is provided to you.

For the second step you have to go to the following link.

For further details you should visit the official website of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR)

Link of the official website of FBR:

How to Submit income tax return page 2

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